Wednesday, 17 May 2017

One For My Sister

Hello everyone! For those of you that aren't aware, exam season is upon us. Whether you're preparing for an exam or know someone who is I want to wish you the best of luck as well as share a few of my stress free tips to those of you that might be feeling a little anxious about it all. Hope you enjoy!

Overcome Problems You Might Encounter On The Way
If you don't understand something on your course, whether it's a key term or how to structure your essay, getting stressed won't help your situation. You can't force yourself to understand something. Instead, go and speak to a fellow student or talk to your tutor and ask them to explain it in a different way. Alongside it being your tutor's job, I'm sure they will be happy to explain and go over what you're struggling with as it shows you are taking interest and initiative.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
Yes is it key to revise before taking an exam, but it's also just as important to balance your life between revision and enjoying yourself. Anxiety only increases if you feel tired and overwhelmed. Therefore, try to maintain a healthy physical lifestyle. This will also improve your mental wellbeing, ensuring you will get a better nights sleep that will benefit your work and more importantly, you.

Don't forgot to breathe. It is much more important to be a happy healthy person so instead of revising all day, go out and do something interactive. Whether it's meeting up with your friends, visiting your family, or even taking the dog for a walk. As long as you're doing something you enjoy.

Keep Things in Perspective
Exams might seem like a crucial thing at the time but they're not; in fact they're quite small. Respect yourself for taking this course and getting this far, regardless of the outcome.

Don't Keep Things Bottled Up
If you're feeling stressed and anxious about the exam confide in someone you trust. Positive support from others can go along way, even if you're just ranting at them. You will always feel better once you've talked about it.

It's Ok To Feel Nervous
Feeling nervous or anxious about stressful situations such as these is completely normal - it's human nature! The trick is to try not to become too overwhelmed and channel this adrenaline into something positive.

Believe in Yourself
If you have attended your lessons and prepared for your exams then you have no reason to worry excessively. You've learnt the content of your course, you've done it before so you can do it again!

This Monday, my sister took her first GCSE exam and I couldn't be a prouder big sister. (This is when she would tell me to stop being so soppy!) Anyway, this post is for you. Good Luck with your exams Maddie, we're all so proud of you! Love Beth x



  1. Such a genuinely helpful and lovely post! My sister is only 12 and is already stressing over end of year exams so I definitely need to send this her way and get her to chill out. Hope your sister's GCSEs go well! xxx

    1. aw thank you! I hope your sisters exams go well too! xx


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