Monday, 13 June 2016

Sweet Inspirations - Zoella Beauty Review!

As you may or may not know, I am a big Zoella Beauty fan and so when I found out Zoe was bringing out a new range I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. From the off, even the name sounded right up my street! What can I say I'm a sucker for all things sweet...

The first thing I noticed about the Sweet Inspirations range is the packaging. I mean, can we just take a moment to appreciate how pretty it is! The entire collection has this vintage, 1920's feel to it through the font and pattern that I absolutely love! I also love the baby pastel colour scheme that reminds me of a French patisserie which quite honestly completely reflects the entire range.

Le Fizz is a macaron scented bath fizzer retailing at £5. Like all of the Zoella bath fizzers you simply drop one or two blocks into your bath, sit back and relax leaving your bath fragrantly fizzy. The one thing I really love about the sweet inspiration version is the packaging! I am completely in love with the soft, sophisticated baby pink and gold colour scheme.

This next product is without a doubt the product I was most excited for in the Zoella Beauty range because, lets face it, who doesn't like bubbles..?! The Bath Latte is a 400ml shower and bath milk retailing at £6. The product has a completely vintage feel to it, set in a plastic milk bottle with a golden top. You can either pour into running water or straight to damp skin and will leave your skin feeling silky soft and smelling dreamy!

Double Créme is a Sweet Inspirations spin off to the Zoella Beauty body creams, which comes as a generous 160ml bottle retailing at £5. I have absolutely loved all of the body creams that Zoe has brought out and so I was so excited to find she was bringing out yet another one! This is a macaron scented body lotion enriched with sweet almond oil, cacao and honey that you gently massage into your skin. Similar to all the other creams it doesn't feel sticky or heavy once applied and you instantly get that almost cooling, nourishing feel once applied which is a great bonus especially if (like me) you suffer from dry skin. The only thing that I'd say is slightly different is that the lotion itself seems a little thicker in comparison to some of the other creams but, like all the others, a little really goes a long way!

I have never really tried a coloured body balm before now but let me tell you, I have fallen completely head over heels in love! The Body Fondant (retailing at £10) is a body shimmer balm, which comes in a little tub type package along with a velvet, lace puff that you can use to apply the balm. At first I was a bit apprehensive about buying this product... The tanned orange pigment felt immediately alarming and the word shimmer (for myself) doesn't really come across as appealing however I couldn't have been more wrong. Using the sponge you simply buffer it in which instantly illuminates your skin. You can apply this all over your body, to your shoulders, arms, legs, leaving you with just an all over natural healthy glow! I think Zoe mentioned it in her video but this product is perfect to take away on holiday! I use a fake tan every now and again and now after using this product I have the perfect combination to look healthy this summer... especially for someone who doesn't tan. Another thing I love about this product is just how strongly scented the balm is. Even if you only use a little bit, after buffering it into your skin it acts like a solid perfume. By far my favourite product from the Sweet Inspiration range!

Last but not least is the Sweet Inspiration Body Mist which comes as a 45ml bottle (around the same size as your average perfume bottle) retailing at £8. Inspired by sweet macarons, this is not your typical sweet vanilla scent as it has many more dimensions. I was a little worried it would be a sickly scent but it is in fact very light. I can't really describe it through a blog post, as my vocabulary range is simply not wide enough! If you're passing a store I would definitely recommend taking a second to have a sneaky spritz of a tester bottle so you understand what I'm talking about. Why is smellovision not a thing yet?

I have very much enjoyed writing this blog post and trying out the new range. Out of the five products I have bought there is not one that I don't love. From the off you can tell how much thought has been put into every single product to get it just right and it truly is spot on. Sweet Inspirations completely exceeded my expectations and I absolutely love it!

You can buy any of these products in store or online from either Superdrug or Feel Unique and I'll leave a link to Zoe's blog here. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I'll see you again soon!



  1. I really love this review! Can't wait to try out the Body Fondant!
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    1. Thank you lovely and I love it! Haha definitely give it a go x


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