Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Little Update

Ok, so the promise on my last post didn't quite go to plan...

Hello everyone and Happy New Year even if it is three months late. I hope you're all having a wonderful 2018, so far mine has been quite hectic! Whilst I am studying my degree in Leeds, my university work and well being will foremost always take a priority within my life over blogging. This is incredibly frustrating considering how much I enjoy putting my time into Modedeviebel. Similar to many other aspects of my life, my blog is something I either put all of my time and effort into or none at all, hence my inactivity. I don't ever want to upload half-hearted posts that I'm not fully proud of. My blog is a reflection of myself, something I hope to one day look back on in admiration without wishing anything different.

With that in mind, as of last week I have finished all academic elements of my course until September. Where on earth has second year gone??? However, this does mean that alongside my six-week placement program, I finally have the time to get back into the routine of writing and everything that come along with it. I plan to upload the remainder of my American road trip from last July as well as having a few new adventures lined up for this summer. I also promised a friend of mine that we would make the most of any nice weather that comes our way after all this snow by going on day trips and taking plenty of photos.

I'm not going to push myself back into blogging full time or promise at least one blog post every week like before as I know from experience this is not something I can keep up with. Instead I want to keep blogging casual and upload if and when I can, concluding my little update. I'm also sorry if this update sounds something of an academic piece. After writing eight back to back assignments and portfolios for university it kind of becomes second nature, nothing a few new blog posts will sort out though!

Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful week and I'll hopefully speak to you soon!


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