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Avengers: Infinity War Review

When thinking about the development of modedeviebel, I really want to get back into writing reviews especially for film. It's an aspect to my mainly lifestyle blog that I find unique and really enjoy exploring. And so for this weeks blog post I plan on doing just that and what a perfect way to kick-start this hopefully more common feature on my blog than by reviewing the most recent blockbuster to hit the screens that EVERYONE is talking about.

Avengers: Infinity War is the (what I believe to be) third Avengers film. The plot follows the Avengers who unite to battle their most powerful enemy yet - Thanos - who has made it his life mission to collect all six infinity stones to inflict his demonic will on reality. The fate of the planet and existence itself has never been more uncertain as everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment.

You may notice the 'what I believe to be' as not typically being something a review should start of with. Surely an Avengers fan should know which Avenger film this falls under, right? Well, here's the truth. Up until very recently I have never been a Marvel fan. Not because I didn't like the films (turns out I love them) but because I was never brought up on them. My mum wasn't really into fantasy and my dad raised me to love the magic of the Harry Potter franchise. Apart from that I mostly spent my time watching Disney's classic animations so I'm basically a diehard Disney Princess fan. I never really had a significant role model that introduced me to the Marvel Universe until now. My knowledge of Marvel superheroes extended to a few of the classic spider man films and its most recent recast simply because of my fan girl crush for Tom Holland.

However, over the past few weeks my film viewing has mostly (if not entirely) been preparing for this film. In week one I had watched all of the previous Avenger films as well as Captain America: Civil War. In my second week I focused on a variety of individual superhero films including Iron Man, Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and 2. Quite honestly, I'm so happy I did. I'm pretty sure I annoyed my boyfriend enough when watching the first Avengers and asking about the backgrounds of every new character that appeared on screen. In the cinema I kept up with both the plot and basic knowledge of the many many (ok maybe not quite all of them) characters throughout the film - thank god - so it meant I could fully appreciate the rest of the film for what it was worth!

I honestly believe that Avengers: Infinity War has shaped my opinion on science fiction, action films for the better. There wasn't a single aspect of the film that I didn't enjoy. Despite the differentiation and abnormalities, each individual character was relatable and empathetic, engaging the audience. Similarly, the cast playing these characters were incredible. I have never seen such a diverse group of actors from different backgrounds represented this way together. As a film fanatic this was definitely something, especially when seeing so many women characterised as naturally strong, intellectual and pretty damn badass in such high profile roles. There was a real sense of feminism in one particular scene that I loved!

The film in its entirety wasn't the traditional fantasy/science fiction/super hero film I expected it to be either, every individual factor of what makes an entertainingly successful film supporting this. Avengers embodied comedy as a sub genre into the narrative and as a result had me laughing out loud with the rest of the audience. It was so funny, something that even intentional comedies can't seem to get right nowadays. Likewise, what I thought would be embodied with endless action sequences surprised me. The action sequences used were imperative and captivating however the narrative didn't solely depend on action for entertainment. This allowed the characters and the plot to develop and I found myself even more invested in the story.

* * *  SPOILERS AHEAD  * * *

This is where I think my review might get a little controversial... Maybe it's because I have not been as deeply invested in the Marvel Universe as long as some fans have been or perhaps it's the study of film that has left me feeling this way. Whichever alternative it might be, while the climatic ending was painful to watch (Spidey's death definitely proving to be the most traumatic - Tom Holland what a bae) I really loved the ending.

Avengers: Infinity War - the title itself says it all. Not knowing much about the film to begin with, one thing I did expect was this notion of war and in war there are casualties. The suggestion of death alongside the sheer amount of beloved superheroes staring in Avengers was almost a given. The downfall of what could be so many captivating war films is the expectation and result that every character of favour will survive. Giving the audience exactly what they want is child's play and in this case is an unrealistic representation of war. The sad realisation is that heartbreak is needed for an audience member to fully engage and emphasise with the complexity of the narrative. It's stirring and chilling and it hurts like hell but we don't feel fulfilled. It leaves us wanting so much more which is the true beauty of the Avengers.

From a recent fan to someone who has been here a while, I can see why you love it so much. The time and dedication is significantly evident in every aspect of the film, the clear precision within the franchise is something pretty phenomenal to witness. I can only imagine what it must be like to overlook the transition of your favourite Marvel superheroes from paper to film, what's more seeing them all together on the big screen. There is no doubt in my mind that Avengers: Infinity War has making cinematic history. We see all these different franchises colliding, their worlds and stories (some of which started over ten years ago) being woven together to create a brilliantly emotive piece. As a fan that must be something pretty special to be apart of.

I hope you enjoyed today's blog post! Let me know if you are planning on seeing Avengers: Infinity War. Or if you have already seen it, what're your thoughts? See you again soon!


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