Thursday, 15 October 2015

A Pretty Little Liar Halloween

As some of you may know, Autumn is one of my favourite seasons and soon the pumpkin bunting will be up! I am so very excited as you can see by my use of exclamation marks!! A big part of Halloween is deciding what to dress up as and this year I didn't want to splash out on a costume. Therefore, I came up with a few ideas but I think this is my favourite; a masked figure similar to Charles from Pretty Little Liars. I've decided to recreate the mask from Season 5, Episode 25, "Welcome to the Dollhouse" as (for me) it was one of the most rememberable and exciting season finales!

To do this I simply bought a plastic mask for £1 from my local shop (you can get these practically anywhere) and paint that I already had at home. First off, I outlined the cross in the centre of the mask using a pencil, to set the basic framework of the design. I would also recommend removing the elastic string from the mask before you start painting, as the string can get in the way. Following the design, I simply started painting in the red and black triangles before slightly going over them with a glittery gold paint. And that's it - easy peasy! I would pair this off with anything black that you feel comfortable in... I'm thinking high waisted skinny jeans, a crop top and some heels.

Charles Mask:


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and have an amazing Halloween! Also, let me know in the comments what you decide on dressing up as!

Kissses, A


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