Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Pursuit Of Writing

For many (myself included) blogging is a leisurely activity. Modedeviebel was created as a place to share my thoughts, travels, occasional rambles and general lifestyle musings. A place for me to come back to in years to come to see how not only my content has changed but hopefully how I have developed as a person.

However, Modedeviebel (as much as I would like it to be) isn't something I can put all of my time in to. My blog doesn't pay the rent or have thousands of followers. In fact, it is a minuscule spec of a vast blogging community that has to contend with my (at times) hectic life. I have a full time job, studies and social life that have to take priority making the task of regular post updates not as common as I would like. Over recent weeks... Ok months I have been very inactive on Modedeviebel. Life has somehow always managed to get in the way of allowing myself to take sufficient time out to plan and publish quality content. This stops today.

From now on I intend to post weekly (every Wednesday at 7pm) if not more which leads me to todays blogpost; the pursuit of writing.

Pursuit in definition, "the action of pursuing someone or something." In this case, blogging. To do this I have come up with three ways to get myself posting more regularly. So, without further a do...

Planning Ahead
Planning ahead is in my opinion one of the most important aspects of running a successful blog. This week I have drafted weekly blogposts all the way up until mid-August. This sense of direction really helps push and motivate me into writing more, as I know what is to come. This also includes my life outside of blogging. By planning your week you will surely be able to find and set some time aside dedicated to writing.

Staying on Schedule
Staying on schedule is the one I probably find the trickiest. In fact, this pointer is really just a kick up the bum for me! Being a perfectionist can be annoying as unless I am 100% happy with the content I am uploading I hate pressing the publish button, even if it is scheduled for that day. To stay on schedule you have to (see pointer one) plan ahead. Know when you are free to write and set yourself the task of writing so much in that time.

Another thing I have come to find regarding staying on schedule is the issue of not physically being able to click publish. This is the most irritating thing for me as planning a post to go live at a certain time can lead to more reads. If I somehow miss that deadline, I tend not to hit upload. However there are still plenty of ways to make your post live. With blogger there is an option of setting a date and time you wish to publish your post. Similarly, there are countless apps and websites (such as my personal favourite, buffer) that allow you to schedule tweets and facebook posts so your audience knows that you have a new blogpost up.

Photography Blocks
For myself, taking quality photos for Modedeviebel is vital. Whilst taking the actual photograph itself only takes two seconds, the process leading to that can sometimes be time consuming. Cleaning products, creating a layout, changing the camera settings. I also use all natural lighting for my photos but with weather in the UK being so unpredictable (seriously, two weeks ago it was snowing) I'm better off taking as many photos for as many posts as I can in one day. Why not? When I have some time to spare I now collect together all my items, create a layout and have a full on photography session. This way when it comes to publishing day I won't be worrying about the weather or rushing around trying to take and edit a decent photo.

And that's that! I hope you enjoyed this strange little blogpost. If you have any other tips for me I would love to hear from you, if not then I guess I'll see you next Wednesday, 7pm sharp!


  1. Your photography is absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait for more posts <3

  2. Planning ahead is a really great way of increasing productivity; it allows you to see where/if there are gaps in your schedule! I'm with you on having photography sessions in advance too :) Good luck with your new schedule/plan!

    1. Thankyou! I hope it works aha I miss being so active on my blog x

  3. I can totally see what you mean when you say it can be annoying when you publish (or almost publish) something you aren't 100% satisfied with. Millions of questions run through your head, all asking, "Is it good enough?". And this can lead to blogger's block, as you mentioned. Can't wait to hear from you again! xx

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one haha! Thank you lovely xx


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