Thursday, 9 June 2016

Everyday Heatless Waves

Having very fine hair can be annoying and only those who have very fine hair will understand just how frustrating it can be. I have always had fine, sleek hair. It has never looked thick or had any natural volume to it despite what some shampoos had promised. That's why since the age of fourteen I have been curling my hair, giving it that little extra oomph!

However, putting heat on my hair almost every day for just over four years has of course had its effect. It became dry and wispy very quickly making it that little more difficult to manage leading me to applying more heat which in the long run only made it worse.

It was around this time last year that I decided to put down the straighteners to try and find a new way to curl my hair without damaging it. After many trial and error, crazy mane scenarios I have finally found a way to add waves to my hair without the heat, cue this weeks blog post!

Everyday Heatless Waves

Step One - Start of with damp hair, whether you have just had a shower or alternatively sprayed water all over your hair. Since I shower at night anyway I tend to do it there and then and sleep on it overnight.

Step Two - Split your hair evenly in to two section and tie whichever side you please up so it is not in the way.

Step Three - Starting from the top by your forehead, separate two small strands of your hair as if you are about to do a plait but with only two sections. Begin to wrap your hair away from your face, slowly incorporating more and more of your hair until you reach the end. Secure this with a bobble or elastic then repeat this with the other side of your head.

Step Four - Once both sides are done and secure take one section and twist tightly away from your face. When it is as tight as it can go, bring that section of hair to your head and pin. Once again repeat on the other side of your head. Twisting/securing your hair tightly will ensure that the waves will come out properly as well as it staying put if you decide to sleep on it.

Step Five - Last but not least (and probably the easiest step of them all) leave your hair to dry. Once it is completely dry simply untwist your hair and shake!

And that's it! Not only does it work but I also find that the waves last all day even without hairspray. This is by far my favourite way to style my hair without heat. It's quick and simple, plus my hair both feels and looks so much healthier! I apologise for the bad quality photos but I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post and I'll see you again next Wednesday!



  1. I'll have to try the twist braid overnight! My hair is naturally wavy, but sometimes it can get a little kinky. Great post x


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