Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Yorkshire Detox

The Internet is a strange thing, especially in the blogging world. It brings people together from all across the world in so many ways, commenting, sharing ideas, collaborating, all at a touch of a button. Although the blogging world can be an extraordinary thing to be apart of, it can also (on occasion) be a very negative experience. Putting your life out there can leave you in such a vulnerable position, which is why I sometimes take some time aside and have a complete internet detox... Basically not opening my laptop or social media apps on my phone.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have both the Saturday and Sunday off of work so I took the opportunity to visit one of my favourite places perfect for a detox! I drove down from Manchester early Saturday morning (yes, me! I DROVE ON A FRICKIN' MOTORWAY!) straight to the site we were staying at just on the outskirts of York. When we arrived the weather turned into what I can only describe as typical British weather. Even though we couldn't do much outside we managed to entertain ourselves by playing too many rounds of chase the ace and watching Britain's Got Talent. Thankfully the weather picked up on the Sunday allowing us to take a trip into town.

We spent the majority of the Sunday walking around town including the back streets, popping in and out of all the little shops and boutiques. If you ever find yourself in an authentic place like York I would especially recommend doing this. All the smaller independent shops offer so much more than say just your average topshop (despite how much I love topshop) full of gifts, books and gadgets. As well as shops we also spent a lot of the afternoon longing after all of York's tearooms and old sweet shops. Let me tell you, it took al lot of will power not to spend all of my money on sweet things!

Since it was such a beautiful day, once we had finished walking around all of the shops we decided to sit outside the cathedral. There was a brilliant street performer playing the accordion just by the minster, rocking a bit of The Rolling Stones... Back Street Girl was my favourite!

That evening we went out for a lovely pub lunch, catching up with the rest of the family that live close by. All in all, my Yorkshire detox was a success! (Despite messing around with the snapchat filters... C'mon, how cute is the Dalmatian one!!) I left feeling completely relaxed and ready to start the new week!

I hope you enjoyed this first of hopefully many travel type post and I'll see you again soon!



  1. I went to university at york and these pictures make me want to go back argh :) Followed back looks like you had a lovely time
    lots of love Jane

    1. It was such a beautiful day :) and you're so lucky! York must be a lovely place to study x

    2. It was so lovely to study at, such a cosy little place :) love!


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