Wednesday, 7 June 2017

I'm 20!!

Hello everyone and happy June!! Not only is it the first Wednesday of a new month but today also happens to be my birthday and ironically the day I have The Courteeners stuck in my head! How on earth I have managed to reach my twenties is beyond me... seriously, anyone that knows me can back me up on this. In truth, I still sleep with a teddy on my bed and on occasion (ok on every occasion) I have to ask my flat mates to open bottles for me. However, there are a few things I have learnt from my twenty years of experience (whoa I'm so old) that I thought I could share today. Enjoy!

Good Things Come From Doing What is Scary
The world can be a terrifying place to some people, myself included and to cope with this I try to play the safer option. I say no to events, people and opportunities out of fear however I have come to learn that a little risk can be so rewarding. Since starting university a friend of mine has made me conscious to never think along the lines of what ifs. Therefore I'm trying to say yes to the scariest of situations with a positive outlook - this is the right decision for me and I will be happy in doing this.

It's OK to be Vulnerable Every Once and a While
It is more than ok to have bad days, what's more it is more than more than ok to show your vulnerable side every once and a while. Showing your vulnerability to someone is telling them that you have respect and value them as a person enough to share this experience with them, even if it is a bad one. There is nothing in this to be ashamed of.

Blend Some More
When wearing makeup there is no such thing as over blending. Keep blending.

Stay Creative
I honestly believe that everyone is creative in some form or another. Whether it's in speech, text, a skill or an art form. You might have left your creativity with your childhood or perhaps you haven't found it yet. Either way, don't be afraid to engage and express your persona through this.

Get Excited About What Makes You Passionate
Similarly, never loose sight of what makes you passionate and more importantly get excited about it - hell I do! Call it ironic but this blogger is not so good with technology. There are still a few apps on my phone that I don't quite understand, in fact my sister had to explain the ins and outs of Spotify to me just a few weeks back. Despite this lack of insight, both blogging and photography is a passion of mine that I won't hold back from.

Always be Kind, Especially to Yourself
It is a fundamental importance to be kind to one another; it's a part of our humanity. We have compassion and a sense of benevolence towards one another but what good is the quality of wellbeing if we aren't kind to ourselves. Our individual physical and mental wellbeing is just as important as anything else so remember to take care of it.


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