Friday, 28 July 2017

Starting Point | LA

An American road trip - the holiday myself and my family had been planning for two years has come and gone just as quickly as the summer seem to be disappearing. Despite the usual after-holiday feeling I am happy to be home, more so to get back to writing for modedeviebel and what a better way to kick start my return with a few snapshots of my time in Los Angeles!

(some arty tourist shots I thought were too cool not to include...)

We were the definition of tourists whilst spending our time in Los Angeles. On our first day we rode an open top mini bus around the city hotspots including Beverly Hills, Upper Hollywood, Hollywood Boulevard (the Hollywood walk of fame - I was embarrassingly excited over anything Disney related including the main man himself) and Griffith Park Observatory to see the Hollywood sign.

(what a view)

Celebrating American Independence Day on the 4th is an experience I will more than happily do again! Midday we travelled down to a block party at Grand Park in central LA. The park itself was full of families that had set out numerous colourful chairs and picnic blankets as well as quite impressive picnic displays. Two stages at opposite sides of the park featured live music from DJ's and bands playing genres from classical to funk to jazz. Funk was by far my favourite!

At the end of the day we managed to get a hold of four tickets to go and see a baseball game at the Dodgers Stadium in the Elysian Park neighbourhood. The atmosphere of the sport in comparison to a lot of British sports was very odd, in fact it seemed much more of a social gathering than a sporting event. The entire game the stadium was constantly moving, full of people travelling up and down visiting friends and buying beverages. And the dance cam - now that's something we need to bring to the UK! I'm actually quite surprised at how much I (the girl that isn't particularly into sport) enjoyed myself.

(the 4th of July fireworks showcased at the end of the night was incredible, even more so when you looked over the hill and saw the city of Los Angeles celebrating below you)

Over the next few weeks I plan to write and upload a few of my favourite summer adventures as travel posts for modedeviebel, LA (this post) being my starting point. While the past two weeks have been long, tiring and at times a tad stressful it is not an oppertunity I have taken for granted and something that I will be looking back on... most likely in the following week when my travel blues kick in and this typical British summertime weather gets the better of me!


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