Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas In Manchester | 24 Days of Modedeviebel

We are now on Day Eighteen of 24 Days of Modedeviebel and it is exactly a week until Christmas Day - YAY

A big part of Christmas (especially for me) is travelling. Visiting distant friends and family along with taking part in all the little Christmas traditions near where they live. That's why I have come up with a few must-visits if you find yourself in the Manchester area this December.

First off, the Arndale. The Arndale in central Manchester is basically a shopping centre that instantly makes me feel festive. As you can see in the photograph above, they hang many decorations throughout the centre that are extremely pretty. One shop I have to recommend visiting this time of year (not necessarily in Manchester Arndale) is the Disney store - they are really milking this Frozen extravaganza and I love it!

Another must see in Manchester is, of course, the Christmas Markets. I have been visiting them since I was a very little girl and it never gets old. The lights, music, smells of different cuisines (especially the Nutella Crepes) are all amazing.

Next is a new tradition that me, my little sister and best friend started a while back - a trip to Spinning-fields ice rink! They play classic christmas hits as well as popular music from this year. I definitely recommend giving Spinning-fields ice rink a visit, and don't worry, they have those little seals and penguins to hold onto if you're struggling!  

Last but not least, I want to recommend my favourite little bar in the Northern Quarter that isn't necessarily Christmas themed but a must go-see; The Whisky Jar. The Whisky Jar is in an old textile mill, with leather sofas and amazing cocktails (and whisky.. duh). It also has a music venue in the basement where incredible musicians play. Fun Fact - Jamie Lawson (you might know him from the song 'Wasn't Expecting That', if not I'll insert a link here) was discovered when playing in The Whisky Jar by none other than Ed Sheeran himself!

Before we finish I have to apologise for the fact that this Blogmas post is up a day late :( last night was very eventful to say the least. However, both Day Nineteen and Twenty will be up tomorrow to keep 24 Days of Modedeviebel on track so stay tuned!


  1. This looks lovely and really christmasy! I wish I had time to go to some festive markets or shopping centers, maybe next year! :)

    1. Aw that's a shame - I'm sure you will next year! :)


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