Thursday, 10 December 2015

Let It Go | 24 Days of Modedeviebel

This week I haven’t been feeling to great… Whether it be end of term stress or the cold weather, either way I’m not feeling myself. That’s why on Day Ten of 24 Days of Modedeviebel I want to talk about the perfect pick me-up bath!

Back in November, I bought the Frozen bath bomb from Lush and I have been eagerly waiting for the perfect oppertunity to use. The bomb is sky blue and smells (per usual) incredible! However, as a fellow Disney lover it was really the description that sold it to me...

“Do you want to have a bath bomb? Do you want to splash and play? Enjoy the most magical soak in the kingdom with this shimmering blue bath bomb, which spills out rolling snowdrifts of silver lustre. Uplifting neroli from Tunisia and precious rose oil from Turkey are sure to spread a little sunshine and melt the iciest of moods. If your day’s felt like a series of doors in your face, this shiny, sky blue bomb filled with sparkle provides the perfect fairytale ending. Step in, take a deep breath and let it go.”

This Frozen bomb definitely delivers! I felt completely relaxed, not to mention the perks of silky smooth shimmery skin - the glitter made it all the better! A definite recommend this winter!


  1. A frozen bath bomb sounds and looks so cool! I need to buy one. :)

    1. It is amazing! I'm going in to town today to buy myself another one aha :)

  2. A frozen bath bomb sounds and looks so cool! I need to buy one. :)


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