Wednesday, 23 December 2015

I Lied | 24 Days of Modedeviebel

I lied... I'm not going off line quite yet.

Honestly I would just like to have a little catch up with you! What have been your favourite parts of Blogmas? Any favourite vloggers or bloggers in which you could recommend? What about December in general? What about today?

Today I spent the majority of my day helping my mum out at her Jewellers before going over to my friends house to have a movie night. We ended up popping on Bad Education The Movie which I would highly recommend if you're in the need for a good laugh! Overall my evening was very laid back which I am thankful for.

When I got home I caught up with a few of my favourite daily Christmas bloggers before hastily typing away on my laptop to get this up as Day Twenty-Two of 24 Days of Modedeviebel!

(Even though I missed the deadline by a minute.. dang it!)

Short, sweet, simple.

I know this blogpost is crazy-random so I think I might just leave it there...? Don't forget to get in touch - I've been loving reading all your emails and tweets as well as the occasional comment on Modedeviebel! Lots of love,

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