Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Six Everyday Beauty Hacks | 24 Days of Modedeviebel

Beauty hacks - we all need them! 

Whether it's via a conversation with my friends or something I have stumbled across on the internet, I have lost count of the amount of times I have discovered a new beauty hack that has made me life a whole lot easier. Therefore, on Day Sixteen of 24 Days of Modedeviebel I plan to share my top Six Everyday Beauty Hacks with you!

Let's start with makeup...

Always match your foundation to your neck. Many people (myself included up until recently) tend to match the foundation to their cheek when looking for the right shade, however by matching it to your neck you will come out with a much more accurate match.

When applying concealer, try to stripe it towards you cheek bone instead of doing small dots under your eyes. This form of appliance will leave it looking much more natural.

Another handy beauty hack with concealer is that it makes a great substitute eye primer. The amount of times I have forgotten eye primer when I have gone abroad or stayed over at a friends house is ridiculous, however as long as I have my concealer on me my eye shadow will stay in place throughout the course of the day.

Moving on from makeup, let's talk about hair!

Naturally I have very fine hair, especially when I have been through a stressful situation leaving me anxious. It also tends to stay very sleek and straight which I don't particularly like. However, a great way I volumize my hair is by applying dry shampoo before I go to sleep. This way, as I toss and turn the product works itself into my hair leaving it with much more volume the next day - a definite recommendation if you experience the same thing!

Another little hack on the subject of hair is (of course) the correct way to use a booby pin. As stupid as this might sound, many people are still doing it wrong and complain how they never stay in - the correct way to use a bobby pin is to have the bumps at the bottom.

Last but not least, applying perfume. Try to apply your perfume to pulse points, these are places such as behind the ear, base of the throat, inside elbow and inside wrist. Don't spray perfume on your clothes as it tends not to last nearly as long... We've all been there!

I hope you enjoyed this Blogmas post and I guess I'll see you again tomorrow!


  1. Ohh, I love the concealer tricks, I'm going to try that tomorrow! Thanks for sharing the hacks :)

    Corinne x

    1. The concealer tricks are a must! I hope they come in useful to you :)


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