Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas Quota | 24 Days of Modedeviebel

There is no shame in saying Christmas can be a very expensive time of the year, especially for Students! That's why Day Five of 24 Days of Modedeviebel is all about the Christmas Quota; changing little aspects to make Christmas that little more affordable.

Firstly, get creative! Simple things such as decorations and Christmas cards can easily be made, and lets be honest we all remember how much fun we had as a child making paper snowflakes. Like I said in Day Three, don't be afraid to embrace your inner child!

Set a price limit! If you are struggling to buy presents for all of your friends without turning Christmas Shopping into a chore, simply suggest a price limit. Or why not even Secret Santa?! This way you are only buying one present, not to mention the element of mystery and surprise Secret Santa entails.

Lastly, spend quality time with your friends and family. Not everything you need to be doing together in the run up to Christmas has to involve money... Wrap up warm and go on a brisk winter walk, or spend a night watching the Christmas Film channel?

The best gifts in the world are not in the material objects one can buy from the store, but in the memories we make with the people we love." - Amanda Boyarshinov.

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