Monday, 21 December 2015

My Blogmas Experience | 24 Days of Modedeviebel far!

Even though it is only Day Twenty of 24 Day of Modedeviebel, there are many things I have learned from doing Blogmas. Posting good quality daily content is not as easy as it would seem which is why have come up with a few tips to take on board if you ever plan to blog daily.
Make sure Blogmas is doable.

There is no point in starting Blogmas and realising that posting everyday in no longer something you can do. Before the festive month has even begun, think ahead. What do you have planned for this month? Do you have any exams? Are you going away? Is there anything that could prevent you from writing and uploading your content as (for me especially) there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to complete what you have started.

Plan ahead.

Before announcing that you will be taking part in Blogmas, come up with at least 24 blog post ideas. I made the decision to take part in Blogmas (as stupid as it is) on the 30th of November - late I know... However, before I announced this I came up with an entire months worth of blogpost ideas which I highly recommend doing yourself. This also leads me up to my next point...

Always have a back up plan. 

I not only came up with 24 Blogmas ideas, but at least another ten on top of this. So far in my experience of Blogmas, four of my ideas have fallen through. Ideas such as trips away, meeting with distant friends, visiting family members that live in London. If I didn't have multiple back up plans I would've really struggled to get something up that day.

Be prepared. 

Never expect that your first time of posting daily will be a breeze. From personal experience, I have probably done everything wrong as a daily blogger. On the 1st of December I wrote over ten blog posts and since then I have been trying to write either two or more posts a day. Sometimes I didn't have time putting that little more pressure on the following day. So far (thank god) I haven't been behind enough to not have a blog post in the bank (ready to publish).

Despite this, as you may have gathered I have missed one day of posting due to not being able to access my blog. That day I didn't realise there was a problem until I was ready to upload. I can't explain how disappointed in myself I was when the clock hit 12. The lesson to take away from this is to be prepared that things might not always go your way, and that's okay.

I have learnt so much from this experience and most importantly thoroughly enjoyed the process of taking part in Blogmas. It has been fun, at times challenging as well as very rewarding and I can't wait until next year!

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